shipping costs / shipping time

Free shipping from the value (products) of 190 Euro 

In case of free shipping from value (products) of 190 Euro: for returns without exchange, the shipping costs will be recalculated and offset against the refund. 


From where is sent? 

Shipped from our warehouse in Portugal. With DHL Express by flight service. This tariff is the cheapest shipping option with a short delivery time for shipments from Portugal. 



11 Euro - 1 working day (with the beginning of the delivery)

DHL express by flight service 


NON European countries 

23 Euro - 2-3 working days (with the beginning of the delivery, time for customs house and handling not included)

DHL Express by flight service

Sometimes but not always it can happen that there are extra cost through customs or import. These costs are paid by the recipient. 



7 Euro - 1-2 working day (with the beginning of the delivery)

Nacex by truck service 


9 Euro - 1-2 working days (with the beginning of the delivery)

Nacex by truck service


What type of packaging we use? 

Flexible plastic bags in shape of an envelope. Small amounts may fit into your mailbox. 


In which European countries do we deliver?

Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, England, Andorra and Turkey ,


To which countries outside Europe do we deliver?

Australia, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, United States of America, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan


Return to the following address: 


Rua das Cardosas, 670 A

4495-125 Amorim


E-Mail: mailorder @


Refund of shipping costs on return

Upon return, we will refund you the shipping costs, except the additional costs - arising from the fact that you have chosen a more expensive shipping method than we have used or used in the delivery. Please note also the conditions of the cancellation (to be found under AGB).


We are accommodating in our voluntary take back / exchange. Voluntary redemption goes beyond the statutory provisions and is made by us at our discretion. Should your purchased item break after the legal deadline, we will replace the item if you have complied with the specifications (material specifications, washing instructions and wearing behavior). Contact us in such cases. Contact - CLICK HERE