Filter C 95 (5 Pack)

6,60 €
VAT included Maximum purchase: 5
This Filter is to be used for Mask: Admiral Kane, Ensign Hayes, Private Perry, Commander Aiden, Colonel Liam, Fleet Admiral Riker, Sergeant Phill, Corporal Ray, Chief Warrant Officer 4 Grayson, Major General Michelinho, Privat First Class Tanner

Hygiene Products

The mask filter protects you through 6 layers of material.
The combined thickness of the layers creates different density. Low permeability to aerosols. No medical filter.
Easily replaceable and lasts for 4 hours.

Washing instructions:
Option 1: Put in boiling water for three minutes.
Option 2: Put filters in a pot. Boil water in a kettle
and pour it into the pot over the filters. Wait 3 minutes.
Dries quickly.
Suitable for 10 washes.

100% Poly